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Maybe, you’re planning on sending a little gift to your significant other. The wedding is coming up and these boudoir photos will be a surprise, or an anniversary around the corner deserves a little spark. Whatever the occasion (maybe just a day to treat yourself), the real gift of taking boudoir photos is the next-level confidence you’ll walk away with. You’ll feel even better than you look, and you already look incredible.

Boudoir is all about you; your body, your journey, and all of the things that make you unique. It is embracing our insecurities and changing perspective.

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The process

01. Let's Talk

Just us girls (you and I!) will have a conversation about what to expect, why you want to take boudoir photos, and all of that good stuff. If you’re game to make it happen, you’ll get a contract and retainer invoice to book everything.

02. Hair & Makeup

If included in your package, we’ll start with hair and makeup in the same studio where we’ll take your photos. It’s a good hour that we’ll spend together — hanging out and making it easy for you to feel comfortable with me before we take some photos.

03. Style & Pose

The first thing we do is see outfits you've brought, go through the client closet, and narrow down what you’re going to wear. We’ll kick photos off with more clothing than less, and I’ll make sure you know how to pose as if you’ve done this before.

04. What It's About

Your partner isn’t wrong — you're a babe and now you’ll have photos to prove it. I’ll help you print your photos too if you’d like. My clients’ top three choices are the leather album, luxe glass box or leather clutch with loose prints. Just ask me about printing!

Take it easy, babe — I know what I’m doing. I know what makes you look good. This is a freeing process — elevating your confidence and giving you all the guidance necessary to take captivating boudoir photos.

Not sure how to pose? I’ll show you how, literally. Feeling like doing something different and glam with your makeup? I’ll coordinate with one of my go-to hair and makeup artists to pamper you on site. I’ll even show you the raw photos from the back of my camera as we go so you can see the striking beauty that’s right in front of us.

Now is the time to indulge, to take care of you. When your hair and makeup are done and the photos are taken, it’ll feel like the end of a spa day — but with newfound confidence that keeps you coming back for more.


Photos are taken in a private studio with just us. I’m the only photo editor and if you choose to print something, I have access to a professional lab that only offers services to professional photographers. I will never share any photos without your written approval.

Protecting Your Privacy

Don’t fret about knowing what to wear or even what to bring. I have a high-end client closet with lingerie, robes, and even body chains that you're more than welcome to. Props and personal items like his shirt, guitar, jerseys, or strawberries and whipped cream, are a great idea.

Chances are that this is your first time and I am so excited for you! We’ll keep the anticipation high and the stress low with a Prep Guide; it’s filled with outfit tips, preparation advice, studio information and new ideas.

Preparation Tips

Luxury Client Closet

take a breath


Yes! Treat it like a spa day (they really are so similar)! Look forward to being pampered, feeling good, and don’t worry about spray tans or “extra” preparation. I’ll make sure you’re equipped with the poses and outfits that look indescribably beautiful. A good playlist helps too!

I'm so nervous! Any tips?

Yes, photos are always delivered with a completely secure online platform. You’ll need a password (which only you will have) to download and print your images. If you want my help printing the images, we’ll use a professional photo lab that only works with professional photographers like myself.

How will I get my photos? It’s confidential, right?

We’ll use my photography studio in Oxford, Michigan. It’s exclusive to my clients and has that gorgeous lighting we need. We’ll be the only ones on site during our session, besides the hair and makeup artist who will leave before we start taking photos.

Where will we take the photos?

I’ve had women in my studio of every age and for every occasion. 60 and wanting to celebrate life, 35 and celebrating an anniversary or 25 and about to get married, I believe you don’t need a “reason” to take boudoir photos other than wanting to love yourself. Boudoir photos just make that love obvious.

Who do you usually work with?

I can honestly say that I think all women need more self love. It's not about your partner, it's about doing this for yourself. It is so easy to get lost in the day to day, but having sexy, honest, mostly naked (sometimes fully nude) images of yourself is empowering. Being comfortable in your own skin is a freeing experience, an experience I'd love to share with you.

Why do you take boudoir photos?

ask brittany

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All Sessions Include:

Optional Pre-Session Consultation
Exclusive Studio Use
Professional Hair & Makeup
Prep/What to Wear Guide
Access to the Client Closet
Outfit Changes
Digital Images for Downloading
Luxury Product Options
Optional Viewing/Ordering Appointment

Sessions Begin at $ 900,
with an Average Investment of $1,800

michigan boudoir photography


I cannot say enough good things about this woman! Boudoir was definitely outside of my comfort zone but she helped coach me through it, was there to offer advice on outfit choices and made sure I felt gorgeous. I definitely recommend her for all of your photography needs! She's the ABSOLUTE BEST!

“She made me feel so confident!”

Miss n. | livonia, michigan

I decided I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my husband as a wedding gift and could not have imagined a better experience than what Brittany provided! She was incredibly professional and created a fun and safe environment for my shoot. I will continue to recommend her to anyone and everyone who might want to do a boudoir shoot!

“Could not have imagined a better experience.”

miss o. | detroit, michigan

Brittany was the second photographer I went to see and I am so, so happy I did! I left my first session unhappy with my makeup and feeling uncomfortable, but Brittany and her team were incredible! I felt safe, heard and beautiful. 

My husband LOVED the book! I don't get to surprise him often, but he was speechless. I can't thank Brittany enough for making me feel so great!

“I've never felt better, I'm so happy I went with Brittany!”

miss k. | rochester hills, michigan

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